Spa Treatments

Thermae Experience Details Min. Price
Laconium With low humidity, heat is provided through a stove and heated ceramic walls and benches. This initiates the detoxifying process. 55'
Steam Room With high humidity, heat is provided through steam. Relieves muscle tension and stiff joints, boosts the immune system, lymph detoxification and helps in blood circulation improvement.
Frigidarium or Adventure Shower Cooling showers are taken between the heat rooms, and the Frigidarium provides ice shavings to enhance the cooling process, stimulating circulation and refreshing the body between heat experiences.
Sauna The hottest of the dry heat rooms. This traditional Finnish sauna has a hand-built stone oven providing a dry heat, assisting the process of eliminating toxins.
Tepidarium Completing the experience is the Tepidarium room with heated loungers to relax and unwind your body and mind.

Thermae Experience Details Min. Price
Rejuvenating Facial Ideal for all skin types wanting an instant boost, leaving your skin looking fresh and radiant in a short amount of time. 25' €50
Prescriptive Facial A customized facial all skin types will benefit from, this tailor made treatment will attend to your individual needs as addressed by your skin care specialist. 50' €90
Aromatherapy Facial A deeply relaxing holistic facial, prescribed to your needs, which includes a deeply relaxing massage using essential oils. 60' €90
Plantomer Facial This deeply hydrating and re-mineralizing mask rich in seaweed, soothes, heals and refreshes the skin. Combined with the benefits of Propolis, natures #1 healer, rich in natural antibiotics and Vitamin A, this facial will effectively calm sensitive, Eczema and Psoriasis prone skin types. (Also recommended for pregnancy). 55' €100
Luminous C & Sea Facial Excellent for all skin types which require an instant boost, brightening and rejuvenation. The combination of freeze-dried seaweed and pure vitamin C will strengthen the skin’s elasticity and encourage the production of collagen. 85' €110
Anti-free Radicals Treatment This thermal mask contains essential vitamins, to maximize your skin’s protection against free radical damage and premature ageing, leaving the skin toned, radiant and rejuvenated. Recommended for dehydrated and dry skin. 85' €110
Caviar & Pearls Facial Pevonia’s ultimate anti-aging treatment and a natural alternative to Botox, this facial using Russian caviar and pearl extracts is ideal for those who would like to minimize the signs of ageing, dramatically reducing facial expression lines and wrinkles. 85' €180
Eye Wrinkle & Puffiness Treatment The Pevonia Eye Wrinkle treatment alleviates the problem of wrinkles and crepey skin and also helps to hydrate, plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines. May be performed alone or in conjunction with Eye Puffiness treatment which stimulates lymphatic capillaries which reduces puffiness, helps to ease dark circles and re- energizes the eyes. These treatments may be performed alone or added to any facial treatment. 35' €70

Thermae Experience Details Min. Price
Body Treatments A gentle refining scrub with jojoba beads that removes impurities and dead skin cells; skin is left soft and hydrated. Ideal for sensitive skin and prior to any body treatment. 40' €60
Aromatherapy Salt Glow Bring back your skin’s radiant glow with aromatic mystique escape salts. Using a combination of marine and mineral salts infused with essential oils this therapy leaves your skin silky smooth and hydrated. This treatment is recommended prior to any body treatment or massage. 40' €65
Tropical Saltmousse Glow This salt, in the form of a mousse, will remove dead skin cells and impurities polishing the skin and drenching it with its tropical aroma. Select from Pineapple-Papaya; repairing, smoothing and rejuvenating or Mango-Passion Fruit; firming, brightening and invigorating. 40' €70
The Back Ritual Your back can be an overlooked part of the body where skin can become clogged and neglected. This treatment will help to ease your muscles, cleanse, polish and replenish, leaving your skin radiant and pristine. Ideal for men. 55' €85
Aromatic Moor Mud Full Body Wrap The gentle thermal and healing action of this Canadian mud helps to simulate and relieve any muscular tension; rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes this wrap helps boost the body’s immune system. It is also excellent for relieving pain from rheumatism and arthritis. 55' €95
Tropicale Oasis Combining the tropical extracts of Mango and Passion fruit, the skin is smoothed and prepared by the Tropical Salt mousse before being cocooned in a creamy yoghurt formulation. Transport yourself to a tropical oasis where your senses will be gently awakened. The skin emerges refreshed, smoother, firmer and visibly brighter. Recommended to firm the skin, great for dull, sallow pigmented skin types. 70' €115
Tropical Escape Drenched with Papaya and Pineapple, this tropical wrap is enriched with Creme Fraiche blended with potent anti-ageing ingredients such as collagen and elastin. Experience a glorious sensory escape as you are firstly exfoliated with the Tropical Salt mousse before being enveloped by the scent of vanilla and enticing tropical fruits. Recommended for premature ageing, the skin is deeply nourished revealing a youthful skin. 70' €115
After Sun - Water Lily Wrap This cooling gel wrap is the perfect remedy for excessive sun exposure being that it acts as an aide to reduce body temperature and calm sunburn 35' €85