Domes Crèche & Kids Club

Domes Crèche and Domes Kids Club are both managed by qualified staff that have been professionally trained to offer their services at our resort. In 2011, in an effort to enhance and improve its family services, Domes of Elounda began collaborating with established UK childcare specialists trained at Worldwide Kids Company whilst expanding its total space which was custom designed to meet UK Ofsted childcare standards.

Domes Crèche is suitable for children aged four months through four years while Domes Kids Club accommodates older children and up to the age of 12 with age appropriate activities extended on a complimentary basis.

This gives you the chance for total relaxation – with the peace of mind that your little loved ones are taken special care. While you indulge yourselves in luxury and romance, your children have great fun with specially designed activity programs in a safe and secure environment.


In order to pre-book our childcare facilities, please visit Worldwide Kids Company's website prior to your holiday dates and you will receive a booking confirmation directly. Spaces are quite limited and we thus strongly advise families to pre-arrange for their family holidays and childcare preferences.


  • Creche Bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. Failure to do this will incur a cancellation fee which is the cost of the session. This will be charged to your room.

  • Kids Club Bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. Failure to show up for a session without informing us beforehand or within the first 15 minutes of a session starting may result in that space being given to another child. Failure to make us aware of a cancellation will result in any future childcare bookings being cancelled.

  • Worldwide Kids Company operate children’s club with strict carer to child ratios. These are in-line with Ofsted guidelines for childcare.

  • Please note that for the safety and welfare of all the children, Worldwide Kids Company regrets that ill children cannot be accepted into our children’s clubs. The Club Managers reserve the right to refuse admission to a child if they believe they are ill or infectious. In these cases no refund will be applicable unless 24 hours notice given or the child space can be filled.

  • Before re-joining our children’s clubs, parents/guardians of any child who has been unwell will be required to sign that they are fit and healthy and can join in our full activity programme.

  • Worldwide Kids Company will not accept a child whose behaviour is antisocial or puts at risk their own safety or that of others.
  • Please inform us if there are any special considerations for your child/children in the notes section.
  • Please inform us of any babysitting requests in the notes section. This service is normally fulfilled by a member of our own staff or by a local babysitter. Babysitting is always in high demand so we recommend you confirm dates and times as soon as you arrive at your hotel. Any requests made in advance of your holiday will be noted and availability is one a first come first served basis. Worldwide Kids Company require a minimum 24 hours notice to cancel babysitters or you will be charged for 2 hours.
  • Worldwide Kids Company tailors childcare activity programmes to suit the number, ages and abilities of children on a weekly basis. We reserve the right to change programmed activities when required.

If you require any information regarding Worldwide Kids Company or our children’s clubs please contact us at: